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  • Audeze LCD-4 Review – Emotional Triggers

    All my best headphones that I am using right now are planar magnetics and that is not because I don’t like dynamic headphones or that those are weaker in technology, that is not true. I just feel connected to my music a lot more with them. I still didn’t listen to all dynamic headphones or to all planar-magnetics so I am still open-minded. I know a day will come when I will have goosebumps all over my body listening to some dynamic headphones as I am having right now with an LCD-4 from Audeze, that day will surely come, but not yet.

    I do appreciate some good measurements; I do appreciate linearity and I do appreciate all the technicalities a transducer can have in a headphone or speaker form. But I care the most if that acoustic membrane will be capable of creating music and emotions.

  • Apos Audio COVID-19/Coronavirus Update - May 8, 2020

    The on-going global pandemic brings with it a lot of unpredictability and we are doing everything we can to respond to these ups and downs while ma...
  • TOPPING A90 Headphone Amp Coming Soon on Apos Audio

    Update (May 16th, 2020): TOPPING A90 Headphone Amp is available now for pre-orders and will start shipping May 25th, 2020. You can pre-order here: ...
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