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  • TFZ Secret Garden 3 review

    Secret Garden 3 has a nice balance of transparency, details and musicality which is a bit inclined towards accuracy and precision. Go for the SG3 if you are in the market looking for an earphone that fits nicely, has a nice cable, looks good and sounds detailed and engaging while having a bit of analytical touch.

  • Meze 99 Neo Headphones Review

    Meze have proven that you don’t need lambskin leather, stainless steel accents or chromed chamfers to create an appealing design, nor do you need complex folding mechanisms to achieve portability and a reliable fit... Meze set out to recapture the magic of the 99 Classics at a cheaper price, within a more contemporary shell and that’s just what they’ve achieved with the 99 Neo .
  • SMSL M200 DAC Review

    SMSL M200 ... definitely punched way above its price point offering great dynamics, good fluidity and lots of smiles while listening to it. It is one of those DACs that makes you add another album to your playlist, lean back and relax for a few hours.

    I don’t want to sound like a fanboy, because I’m far from one, but at this price point, I really don’t know another source that will offer you the same number of inputs and output, the same electronics and the same balanced sound signature with close to zero flaws.

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