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Therefore we are committed to offer Free Shipping, Lowest Price Guarantee, Apos 2nd Year Warranty and 30-Day Return Policy on all the products that we sell.

Apos Audio Blog

  • WhiteFox Eclipse Reviews Compendium

    Designed to go beyond the limitations of traditional keyboards, the WhiteFox Eclipse is a model of comfort, customization, and efficiency. This blog post gathers insights from leading reviewers, providing you with a quick distillation of their detailed analyses. We’ve compiled reviews from across the web for your reference. What you’ll find here are the TLDR versions of the full reviews (which you can access with the provided links). We’ll continue updating this compendium as reviews come in.
  • Meet the HIFIMAN EF499 DAC/Amp

    The world of digital music is vast and ever-expanding. The HIFIMAN EF499 makes it easy to navigate this world, offering seamless integration with all types of sources. Enjoy direct streaming from your portable devices or streaming services, and for those who’ve created their own curated collections, the EF499 provides effortless playback from NAS drives.
  • Introducing "Apos Certified Refurbished": New Name, New Feature

    We're excited to share an important update with you all. From now on, our refurbished products, previously known as "Apos Certified," will now be known as "Apos Certified Refurbished” (“Apos Certified Refurb” in our nav bar). Sure, it’s a small change, but we hope it has a big impact. The decision was inspired by a good hard look at the data and, most importantly, valuable feedback from the community. Through your feedback, it became apparent that we needed to provide a bit more clarity about what Apos Certified products even are! (That was a wake-up call 🥴.) We think spelling it out more clearly will help.
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