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  • FiiO R7 vs FiiO K9 PRO ESS: Which Desktop HiFi Center is Right for You?

    In the realm of audio technology, FiiO is known for crafting devices that meld high-performance with enduring build quality. The FiiO R7 and K9 Pro DAC/AMP models are no exception to this rule, each promising pristine audio fidelity. While both models come loaded with features and top-tier components, there are notable distinctions to consider when deciding which unit is the ideal fit for your needs. We'll examine the similarities, differences, and notable aspects of each model to comprehend how they compare to one another.
  • Now at Apos: Audio-Technica Sound Burger Portable BT Turntable

    The days of needing a dedicated space and a nest of wires for your record player are over. Introducing the Sound Burger Portable Bluetooth Turntable, a nifty device that brings the vinyl experience to wherever you are. It's designed to blend the nostalgic warmth of analog audio with today’s convenience of Bluetooth technology. Let's dive into what makes this turntable special.
  • Over-Ear, On-Ear, and In-Ear Headphones: What's the Difference?

    If you're part of the audiophile community, or aspire to be, you're aware that there are few things as personal as the choice of headphones. With over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear varieties available, the options can be overwhelming. So, let's break it down.
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