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  • New from SMSL: RAW-MDA 1 DAC/Amp

    Let’s cut to the chase: If you’re serious about audio, you need the SMSL RAW-MDA 1 DAC/Amp. This DAC/Amp combo is designed to tackle and solve the most frustrating audio challenges you face daily. Ever listened to your favorite album and felt like the instruments were mushed together? Or played a game and missed that crucial enemy step because your sound was muddy? The RAW-MDA 1 changes all that, providing a crystal-clear, detailed soundstage that brings every note, every footstep, and every ambient noise to life.
  • Reviews Compendium: WhiteFox Eclipse Mechanical Keyboard

    The WhiteFox Eclipse Mechanical Keyboard has been lighting up desks and transforming typing experiences for a while now. Since its debut, it’s racked up a mountain of reviews, user feedback, and a fair share of fanfare. With its effortless customization and smooth wireless capabilities, it’s no wonder the WhiteFox Eclipse has turned so many heads. Now, after collecting a hefty pile of feedback and reviews, it’s time to share the lowdown on what people really think about this thing. We’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to—welcome to the ultimate reviews roundup of the WhiteFox Eclipse. It’s your all-access pass to what the pros and keyboard geeks are saying about this sweet, sweet slab of keys. We've combed through the good, the bad, and the ugly to give you what they’re saying. Whether you’re a die-hard keyboard aficionado or just looking to see if this thing is worth your hard-earned cash, these reviews will spill the beans on what makes the WhiteFox Eclipse tick.
  • New from HIFIMAN: Mini Shangri-La Headphone System

    Alright, audiophiles, let’s talk Shangri-La. No, not the paradise of legend, but the line of electrostatic headphone systems from HIFIMAN. If you’ve been eyeing the Shangri-La series, you probably know about the top-tier models—the Shangri-La Jr.. and the original Shangri-La—which come with eye-watering price tags between $8000 and $50,000​. Those systems are the supercars of the headphone world: incredible, luxurious, and not exactly within reach for most of us.
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