Apos FiiO K9 Pro Ensemble

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Apos Ensembles are equipment bundles that have been specially curated by our team of audio professionals. Just as an ensemble refers to a group of musicians playing together, each of our ensembles is a coordinated group of equipment that we’ve brought together to form a superior listening experience.

Meet the Apos FiiO K9 Pro Ensemble

The Apos FiiO K9 Pro Ensemble is for serious audio enthusiasts who are ready to step out of budget-fi and explore the hobby at a more serious level.

The Apos FiiO K9 Pro Ensemble includes

Spec Summary

Note: For full specs, please visit the individual product pages.

FiiO K9 Pro Desktop DAC/Amp

  • Collector’s AKM AK4499 DAC chip
  • THX-AAA 788+ tech
  • Dual femtosecond clocks
  • Qualcomm QCC5124
  • Supports LDAC, aptX adaptive, aptX HD
  • App control
  • Truly balanced design
  • Dual voltage linear transformer
  • Wide connector selection
  • Lossless MQA decoding
  • Bluetooth format indicator

Apos Caspian Open-Back Headphone

  • Fun-sounding, non-fatiguing for marathon sessions
  • 50mm dynamic driver
  • Open-back
  • All-natural oak earcups sourced from the North Caucasus mountains
  • Inch-deep sheepskin ear pads with acoustic memory-foam inner filling.
  • Stainless steel yoke and headband
  • Natural leather headband for all-day comfort
  • Aluminum alloy grille
  • Graphene-coated multilayered composite membrane with variable thickness
  • CCAW coil (aluminum core coated with oxygen-free copper)
  • Internal litz wiring
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