Yulong Canary II DAC/Amp

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We defy you to find a DAC/Amp that’s as feature-rich, versatile, and stylish as Yulong’s Canary II for the same price. Whether you want a better sound from your laptop, tablet, CD player, or phone, or just a stylish preamp, the Canary II should be at the top of your list.

Jitter Eliminator

Jitter is this generation’s disc skip--it’s aggravating, intrusive, and could potentially ruin a listening experience. Okay, maybe it’s not as intrusive as disc skip, but it should be avoided at all costs. The DA10’s PLL clock, powered by a femtosecond crystal, transforms digital sequences to analog at a quadrillionth of a second, making jitter a thing of the past.

Versatility at a Fraction of the Cost

This isn’t a one-trick pony. It’s more like a fifteen-trick pony. Do you want a DAC/preamp with RCA output control? You got it. Do you want a dedicated DAC/amp for your favorite pair of cans? You got that, too. Do you want the freedom to choose between optical, coaxial, RCA I/O, 6.35 headphone, and USB with support for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android? The Canary II has got you covered for a price you won’t believe.

Strike a Pose

Not you. The Canary II. From its sleek aluminum housing to its gold-plated control panel and heavy-damping volume control knob, the Canary II looks and feels as cool as it sounds. And let’s not forget the fact that it comes in three colors--black, red, and silver.


  • USB support for Apple, Android phone system, Mac OSX, Linux, MS OS XP to Win10, 32-64bit

  • USB supports DoP64, DoP128, Native DSD64, 128, 256, 512 PCM 16-32bit, 32-768KHz

  • Coaxial and fiber support DoP64, PCM 16-24bit, 44.1-192KHz

  • Signal to noise ratio: -128dB

  • Dynamic range: 120dB

  • Distortion: 0.0004%

  • Frequency response: 20-30KHz -0.15dB

  • Left and right channel crosstalk: -120dB

  • Amp output power: 600 ohms: 100mW 300 ohms: 200mW 150 ohms: 400mW 32 ohms: 1 W

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